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The Residence

borgo rigolizia residenceFully immersed in a typical rural hyblaean landscape that still keeps its own personality, the building comes from a nineteenth century dwelling with solid foundation and 60 cm thick outside walls. The refurbishment of the building has been carried out by local workers always respecting the traditional techniques and materials. The home furnishing has been studied in all details in order to be perfectly harmonised with the surrounding places.

The Borgo Rigolizia Vacanze has 8 wide rooms for a total of 20 bed-sits located in two floors. Every room can host from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 people. There are big solariums watching the multicolour range of beauties just one step away from you. The landscape is characterised by an endless sequence of dry walls, as to witness some sorts of borders around the fields, between hedges of Indian figs and bushes of thyme (the favourite bee’s grass), asphodels (mafalufi in the Sicilian dialect), palmets, etc.

borgo rigolizia residence

Borgo Rigolizia Vacanze
C.da Rigolizia - NOTO (Siracusa) Tel. 0039 335 5449686 - 331 8431446 e-mail: